Who are we?

We are a brand specialized in human resources consulting that manages and optimizes talent & human potential through modern strategies, which are based on evidence, thus responding to the current needs of people and organizations.

Our Purpose

  • Positively impact the HR world of work
  • Drive a change of mindset in people management
  • To give meaning to our work
  • Inspire the integral development of people and societies
  • Be a good person, be a good professional

We innovate


We humanize


To be a leading and innovative firm, with transcendence and social impact, focused on effective programs to optimize talent & potential.


– Innovation
– Autonomy
– Determination
– Integrity

Our milestones:

T&P was founded in 2017, with the idea of being an innovative company, but above all with the clear purpose of changing the paradigm in human management.

2017 | Our beginning

September 23: We founded T&P Consulting in the city of Cusco – Peru.

2018 | First Steps

– First HR Certification and International Colloquium on Organizational Psychology
– Awarded by the College of Psychologists of Cusco

2019 International T&P

– International agreements and alliances
– We started operations in Barcelona & Bogota

2020 | Re-engineering & Resilience

– We digitized 80% of our services
– We re-invented ourselves, overcame many challenges

2021 | Smart Work

– Recognized and awarded by the Regional Directorate of Labor – Cusco
– HR Summit 2021
– International Congress on Talent Management, Cusco 2021