International Certification

Strategic management
of talent

A program with a global focus, based on agility; transformation; innovation and adaptation, which will allow you to boost your professional life in an integral way. Pre-sale with 30% discount until August 10th.

A 100% international program.

Academic-professional training that integrates new talent management trends with the importance of generating and directing corporate strategies focused on people. A 9-month program that you will share with colleagues from 08 different countries and with internationally recognized teachers of great trajectory.


  • Corporate Strategy & HR – Antonio Moya (Spain)
  • Smart Work & Smart Workers – Isaías Sharon (Chile)
  • People Analytics – Jordi Roig (Spain)
  • Talent Selection & Headhunting – Pablo Guitart (Argentina)
  • Employee Experience – Fer Niizawa (Arg)
  • Communication – Silvia Carrillo (Colombia)
  • Agile & New way of work – Juan Pablo López (Argentina)
  • Employer Branding – Carolina Borracchia (Argentina)
  • Employee Happiness – Silvia Escribano (Spain)
  • Management Skills – Francois Le Calvez (France)
  • Organizational Consulting – María Laura Volpi (Uruguay)
  • Technology applied to HR and MVPs – Luis Zevallos (Perú)
  • Final Project: integrates the assimilated knowledge and accredits the acquired competencies, presented before an academic tribunal (mandatory).
  • HR Summit: International HR event in September 2021 (+10,000 attendees and +90 live conferences).
  • HR Hackathon: Social event and international competition in which our students compete to propose social impact solutions in HR.

Why choose our program?

Agile and innovative methodology

Our program is designed to effectively face new spaces of greater complexity, through learning by doing, agile methodologies and our e-Learning learning format.


At the end of the program, you will be able to take an evaluation that will allow you to be globally accredited by the Human Resources Certification Institute (USA).

Social & Business networking

Permanent access to international events: congresses, forums, webinars; as well as spaces for collaboration between students, faculty and human resources organizations.


The participant will have constant monitoring and ongoing support to ensure optimal performance throughout the program.

teachers of the program

Fer Niizawa


Francois Le Calvez


Caro Borracchia


Antonio Moya


Isaías Sharon


Pablo Guitart


Silvia Escribano


María L. Volpi


Jordi Roig


Silvia Carrillo


Luis Zevallos


Juan P. López


Investment and admission process

This program, being a postgraduate program, is aimed at technicians and professionals linked to people management areas. Undergraduate students can also participate (prior interview). 

I. Admission

- Fill out application form
- An academic advisor is assigned
- Complete training documentation

II. Methods of payment

- PayPal
- Bank transfer (valid for Chile and Peru),
- MercadoPago (soles and Chilean pesos): Visa/Mastercard/American Express

III. Inversión

- Monthly payment: 1999.00 USD (divided into 10 installments)
- 30% discount until 10/08
- Investment amount includes fees and taxes.


- Early Enrollment - 30% (until August 10)
- Corporate - 15% additional
- Cash payment - 10% additional
All discounts are on the total investment


Make the payment of one of your installments. Remember that when you enroll, you will be given a promissory note with the amount determined for each of your installments. In case you wish to pay in cash or you have an additional discount for being a T&P Alumni or in case you have received a partial scholarship, please contact your advisor for the corresponding support.

Monthly Payment (Partial Scholarship)

*Payment in USD (U.S. dollars) - Via PayPal **Accepts all cards (debit and credit cards) ***No PayPal account required

Monthly (Regular)

*Payment in USD (U.S. dollars) - Via PayPal **Accepts all cards (debit and credit cards)
***No PayPal account required

Monthly Payment (Partial Scholarship)

*Payment in soles
**Accepts all cards (debit and credit)
***MercadoPago account is not required.

Monthly (Regular)

*Payment in soles
**Accepts all cards (debit and credit)
***MercadoPago account is not required.

You can pay by bank transfer (valid for Peru and Chile), ask your advisor for details.


At T&P Group we work continuously to close gaps in education; that is why we offer options to continue studying (subsidized by LearninGroup), so that you are the only one who sets the limit:

We wish to promote the presence of women in strategic people management positions, valuing their academic record and their managerial potential, in such a way that we break gaps in equity and gender parity.
– Places: 01 Full Scholarship | 02 Partial Scholarships (50%)

Aimed at candidates who have demonstrated optimal performance, proving a superior grade point average.

– Places: 01 Full Scholarship | 02 Partial Scholarships (50%)

Aimed at those applicants with unfavorable socio-economic conditions.
– Places: 01 Full Scholarship | 02 Partial Scholarships (50%)

Live the experience!